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Project Description
Funded by KACST and Masri Institute In massive computing applications that work on huge amount of data, I/O operations consume a lot of the overall execution time. Such applications belong to the class of Big Data Analytics (BDA) demanding large amounts of processing on large amounts of data. High-end computational capabilities and active storage solutions focus on pushing as much of the computation as possible closer to where the data resides. This decreases the time taken to fetch the data from the storage to the computing nodes, thus reducing the overall time taken by I/O operations. However, other components of the computations, such as data aggregation and subsequent processing of aggregated data, are frequently serial or low in amount of parallelism, thus requiring these components to execute on high-performance general-purpose processing nodes. Although the resulting distributed computing systems required for executing BDA applications feature massive parallel processing of huge amount of data on specialized computing nodes, they also feature significant complexity in scheduling multiple application components with various computational requirements for optimal execution on heterogeneous computing nodes. This proposal considers cloud environments integrated with high-end active storage systems, and aims to develop tools and methods for optimal distribution of computational tasks of BDA applications in these heterogeneous computing systems.