Student Awards




Best Paper in:

  • Architecture & Design
    Fadi Shayya
    Enacting Public Space History and Social Practices of Beirut's Horch al-Sanawbar
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Nicolas Bekhazi
    Mohammad Itani
    Elias Nehme
    Marc Rached
    Elevated Freeway Between Beirut and Dbayeh
  • Computer & Communications Engineering
    Mazen Abou Najm
    Rani Daher
    Mohammad El Saadi
    A Low Complexity Turbo Code Decoder
  • Electrical Engineering
    Salma Abu Izzeddin
    Kamal Berbari
    Hiba Obeid
    Electromagnetic Fields from Power Lines
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Bashar Akar
    Raja Hamady
    Abdellatif Ladki
    Wissam Saad
    Designing, Building and Testing a Schlieren System


Best Paper submitted by a Graduate Student

  • Mechanical Engineering
    Ihab Sraj
    A Fully Coupled Finite Volume Method for Incompressible Fluid Flow

Best Poster

  • Electrical Engineering
    Reef Al-Mokadem
    Adham Bou Ghannam
    Dima Fares
    Rabih Ghoussayni
    CAD optimization of PM machines

Special Recognition

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Gustave Cordahi