Best Paper in:

Architecture & Design
Wehbe, Rana
Seeing Beirut through Colonial Postcards: A Charged Reality

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Abou Dagher, Pascal
Khalil, Wissam
Nuwayhid, Cinderella
Waked Michel
Machine for Flexure and Transverse Testing

Computer & Communications Engineering

El-Afifi, Layal
Karaki, Mohamad
Korban, Joelle
Hands-free Interface' - A fast and accurate Tracking Procedure for Real Time Human Computer Interaction

Electrical Engineering
Bakri Kasbah, Ahmad
Fares, Ahmad
Khachan, Ali
GSM RF Equipment Testing and Performance Analysis

Mechanical Engineering
Itani, Tarek
Ramadan, Rami
Srour, Hiba
Smart Hip Joint Implant

Best Paper submitted by a Graduate Student

Computer & Communications Engineering
Ziad Alassaad
CePRID: A Processor/Reconfigurable Interface Driver Under Windows CE.NET

Best Poster

Computer & Communications Engineering
Hotait, Mohammad

Student Exhibition Results:

Best Architecture Project in Student Exhibition
Ghanem, Rabih
The Shoe Factory

Best Graphic Design Project in Student Exibition
Jaroudi, Mayysa
Ksarak Bottle and pacaging

Best Short Animation

Abboud, Nada
Atallah, Davina
Farra, Caroline
Raidy, Marie-Joe

Human Powered Vehicle Competition Results

1st Place
Attie, Anthony
Itani, Tarek
Ramadan, Rami
Tabbara, Samer

2nd Place

Aziz, Sandra
Boumaroun, Karin
Boutchakjian, Hrair
Kradjian, Aram
Lojikian, Shant

3rd Place
Charafeddine, Wassim
El-Sayed, Ahmad
Horchi, Bassel
Zeineddine, Wassim

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