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Fadlo Touma, CEE

The Rise of Geosciences

Fadel Adib, ECE

An Aubites's Journey: Blurring the Boundaries Between Science and Science Fiction

Riad Chedid, ECE

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead for Graduating Engineers

Mahmoud Al Hindi, CHEN

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment: What are the Issues?

Gustave Cordahi, CEE

Disruptive Technologies and Transportation: How Connectivity and Automation are Transforming the Way Society Moves

Wissam Tawil, ME

My Private and Public Career Path

Ghanem Oweis, ME

When Flow meets Light

Houssam Hayek, IEM

Software and Financial Engineering Mixed as a Career

Mohamad-Asem Abdul Malak, CEE

Ordered Administrative Systems for construction project management

Monzer Chammas, ME

Riding the Oil Slide

Moueen Salameh, IEM

A Graph Theory Approach to Facilitate Scheduling of Final Examinations

Tony Haddad, ECE

Story of a Dream

Mona Harb, ARD

On the Merits of being labeled too hybrid

Majdi Abou Najem, CEE

Humanitarian Engineering Opportunities for Poverty Alleviationescription

16th FEA Student & Alumni Conference: Dr. Alan Shihadeh

Welcome Address

16th FEA Student & Alumni Conference: Dr. Fadlo Khuri

Conference Opening

Opening Session and Session 1a:
Design and Conceptualization

  • Welcome address by Dr. Matthias Liermann
  • Opening lecture AUB president Dr. Fadlo Khoury
  • Keynote address FEA dean Dr. Alan Shihade
  • Student representative welcome address Ms. Natalie El Khatib

Session 1a: Program

Session 1b and Session 2:
Systems and Data Analyis

This video shows the distinguished alumni and faculty of Session 1b and Session 2. Program

Session 3: Safety and Environment
Session 4: Engineering for life's sake

This video shows the distinguished alumni and faculty of Session 1b and Session 2. Program