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16th FEASAC 2017

April 19-20, 2017

The 16th Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Student and Alumni Conference [FEASAC] will be held at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture [FEA] of the American University of Beirut [AUB] on April 19–20, 2017. The FEASAC conference provides a unique platform for students, alumni, and faculty members to engage. Our goal is to see a vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences about research projects and designs across disciplines. The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture honors the best presentation and poster of each session with prestigious awards. A total sum of $4000 will be awarded as prize money! The conference accepts submissions from all universities in Lebanon.

Deadline for paper submission is Monday March 20, please see our Call for Paper.

NEWS: Two 1h seminars will be given by Graphic Designer Mayda Freije on How To Prepare A Poster. The seminar will cover the condensed essentials on topics like type, layout, graphics.

NEWS: A presentation workshop is offered April 11, 11 am in ALH. All authors of papers presented in the oral sessions are required to attend this session! We present details about the presentation format, prize distribution, and tips how to present your topic to a cross-disciplinary auditorium.

DATES: March 27, 5pm, Hostler Auditorium & April 6, 6 pm, Architecture Lecture Hall